January 23, 2020



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Need Help?

We all need help sometimes.  Whether you are a member of this congregation or this community, if you need some help, we are here. 


Our Prayer Team Ministry will pray with you any Sunday after worship.  If you need prayer, just ask Pastor Bill following worship and we will pray with you.  Or you can email a prayer request to revbillwisneski@gmail.com.



This is a list of local resources (not necessarily affiliated with the Honey Brook Presbyterian Church) that may be helpful for you. 


Peacemaker Center

103 Garris Road, Downingtown, PA 19335 Phone Number 610-269-2661


Philadelphia Child and FamilyTherapyTraining CenterLocated at Friends Hospital4641 Roosevelt Blvd.Philadelphia, PA19124-2399 Telephone 215-831-4708 Provides free counseling


Steeple to People

A local ministry supported by this and other congregations in the Honey Brook area.  StP offers food and clothing to those in need. Telephone 610-273-7633


Chester County offers many resources that can be found on their website

Other resources throughout Chester County are searchable here 



Alcoholics Anonymous meets here on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM




To contact Pastor Bill, call 610-273-2848.  You may leave a private message on the Pastor's voice mail, or you may email him: revbillwisneski@gmail.com.  The Pastor can offer spiritual counseling and refer you to additional resources beyond this list.





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